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The Paraguayan Circle of Doctors Join MedsBla

Acuerdo con el Círculo Paraguayo de Médicos.

The Paraguayan Circle of Doctors (CPM), chaired by Gloria Meza (picture above), has signed an agreement with MedLab Media Group (MMG) setting in motion a strategic alliance between the two institutions. The agreement represents the commitment of both organizations in the promotion and development of MedsBla. This encrypted communication system developed by MMG will serve the Paraguayan Circle of Physicians in strengthening their medical community.

As stated in the agreement, MedsBla will facilitate access to technological tools for the dissemination of medical knowledge. Through this agreement, MMG and CPM will work together to promote MedsBla. MMG will act as a technological partner in the field of IT technologies and will give Paraguayan doctors access to MedsBla.

MMG is committed to adapt its technological tools to the needs of Paraguayan doctors. In this sense, it will develop innovative research projects in different ICT disciplines (information and communication technologies). The collaboration established from this agreement will be based on good communication and teamwork, says the agreement.

Through MedsBla, Paraguayan doctors will have access to tools like an encrypted instant messaging service and group and individual videoconferences. They will also have at their disposal a complete pharmacological guide, an intelligent medical search engine and all the latest news by medical speciality.

In addition, this agreement will favour the online training of the members of the Paraguayan Circle of Doctors. CPM will be in charge of promoting the existence of MedsBla through its network of medical organizations. The alliance further establishes the possibility of creating working groups to develop a useful tool adapted to the needs of professionals.