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The Ministry of Science chooses MMG’s SABERMED project

MMG’s SABERMED project was selected by the Ministry of Science in the Research Challenges: R+D+i Projects 2017 programme. This program will finance projects that increase scientific and technological knowledge. To this end, it promotes experimental or theoretical research activities. These projects have to address the 8 challenges of the Spanish Science and Technology Strategy.

As the Ministry points out, health is one of them. MedLab Media Group (MMG) has decided to apply with 2 projects developed by the Artificial Intelligence team: SABERMED (Swarm Agent-Based Environment For Reputation in MEDicine) and SAIROM (Automated System for Information Retrieval and Organized Management).

Ignacio San Román, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at MMG, explains that the ministry opted for SABERMED. This project will receive funding to move forward. This software joins MMG’s technological solutions in the medical field: DeepAIMED and MedsBla. SABERMED will be used to fight against false health information.

MMG’s SABERMED project aims to combat pseudosciences and fraudulent content. It will detect any digital content that is not supported by scientific sources, is false or fraudulent.

MMG makes a firm commitment and joins the fight that other institutions have already undertaken against health hoaxes. Institutions such as the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid and the IBSAL (Institute of Biomedical Research of Salamanca) are also collaborating in this development.