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Soler: “The dental imaging is about to explode”

Dental Imaging

Clara Soler is a vision engineer applied to dental imaging. She mixes in MMG her 2 passions, Medicine with aspects of Mathematics and Physics. Since 2017 she has graduated in Biomedical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Subsequently, she studied a master’s degree in artificial vision at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, precisely in this master’s degree she found the hook that led her to the Artificial Intelligence department of MMG.

“What I like most about MMG is the workgroup we have.”

Clara is facing her first professional challenge, “it’s my first job, not counting the internships I did in hospitals while I was doing my career”. She had everything clear almost from the beginning, “I wanted to study Medicine, but then I opted for engineering because I like Mathematics and Physics very much”. However, she has always been clear that he wanted to focus on artificial medical imaging. In fact, during one of his master’s classes in artificial vision, a professor told him about MMG and decided to go for the company.

 Jump to dental imaging

“I went in to investigate medical imaging, and little by little the dental imaging project came out”. This is Clara’s main work with MMG: to apply artificial intelligence to the recognition of medical images in Dentistry. “We have created software to help dentists in the recognition of dental images”. Thanks to an international collaboration in Russia, Soler and his colleague Marcos receive dental images labeled with the different pathologies and from there “we create models that learn from the labels to classify new images”.

 A struggle with data

Clara claims that the greatest difficulty was found in obtaining the data. They clashed with the laws of data protection and with erroneous data. “In the end we receive documents that, if not well created, when read automatically can contain many bugs”. He assures that what she liked most about the project was to focus on dental images since, “it is usually applied to lung or brain images and there it is difficult to compete”.

Making life easier for dentists with Dentomo

Dentomo consists of applying AI to diagnose all the pathologies that are present in a dental image. This image is obtained through a conical beam computerized tomography (CBCT). “In the clinic, the image of the patient is taken and stored in a file called Dicom. That image contains a 3D matrix, where we can see the cuts of the image. From here enters the AI of MMG that analyzes the entire image in 3D, locates the teeth and for each tooth identifies the pathologies.

“It saves time and errors”, a dentist can take between 10 and 30 minutes to detect the pathologies and this technology reduces it to 1. “The software tells them ‘you have nothing or look there’ so that they diagnose before”. The project is expanding towards the insurance companies, in this way it is possible to feel the patient’s condition and estimate the cost to the clinic.