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Quantum Computing, A Bet Of MMG

MedLab Media Group (MMG) is a Spanish that started its venture from scratch in 2016. The founding partners, Oleg Vorontsov, Arni Giraldo and Luis Velasco, headed this technological startup that would provide solutions to the healthcare industry. They were looking for something innovative, which lead them to a business model focused on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing.

Little by little, it gained the trust of foreign investors who bet on the medical technology of the future. Four years later, the company has reached 70 employees with an overwhelming international expansion. Now it has offices in Madrid, Dubai, Mexico and Mumbai.

Technology Partners

The largest capital contributions are foreign because, in Spain, there is a lack of technological credibility, according to Oleg Vorontsov, CEO of MMG. This businessman believes that in other countries investors take more risks and are not as cautious as they are in Spain.

The company has the support of Latin American medical schools of Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Honduras and Uruguay. Additionally some Spanish ones, including Toledo and Badajoz. Among its technology partners are IBM, NodalBlock, Complot and the Rey Juan Carlos University stands out.

Although it focuses on the health sector, its solutions can be transferred to other areas where data is the protagonist. MMG believes that large amounts of data will modify the work of medical professionals and enhance the way they access knowledge.


MMG highlights the human value and the concept of equipment taken to the extreme. In this company, the main proverb is, “We all are one.” MMG believes unity is the strength of any organization. Employees of different nationalities who speak different languages work in a multicultural environment: English, French, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, German, Chinese… One of MMG’s strengths is its personal talent, as they all have university degrees, master’s degrees, postgraduate degrees, doctorates and continue to learn, giving the company the prestige it seeks. 


Artificial intelligence is part of the company’s DNA. Its strong point is the management of medical knowledge based on cognitive computing. With this technology, MMG has developed DeepAIMed, a medical search engine that promotes knowledge and aids decision making. It is an intelligent search engine capable of analyzing scientific texts and relating complex topics to each other.

MMG supports the idea that good management of knowledge is necessary for the medical industry. For this reason, MMG has developed an advanced knowledge of representative technology. DeepAIMed uses Natural Language Processing and generates new knowledge models to be able to simulate brain cognitive processes. Thus, it optimizes the doctors’ decisions and thus saving valuable time and money which can be invested in their healthcare practice. Obtaining information through data extraction has been the first step towards creating a technological framework designed for the healthcare sector. 

Quantum Technology  

The desire to improve has led MMG to start an ambitious Quantum Computing project. In January 2019, the company embarked on a new line of research to develop quantum algorithms. These algorithms will solve problems related to Medicine that until now were impossible to manage with traditional computers. But, the health sector is not the only one in which quantum computing will have application; science, in general, and the business world will be part of a new era of knowledge management.

This new computing paradigm applies its fundamentals to information processing. Revolving in this environment is a whole new quantum theory that solves the treatment of massive sets of data. This technology allows the processing of huge amounts of information in a few minutes, something which seems impossible right now. In the first phase, the company will focus on managing medical information relating to Physics and Medicine. Although Quantum Computing may now seem like a pipe dream, MMG bets hard on it.

For this reason, a multidisciplinary team of scientists has begun to promote research to accelerate quantum computing by uniting two worlds that have hitherto been disconnected: Physics and Medicine.