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Project A.V.A.: A Virtual Assistant for the Elderly

‘Reducing barriers faced by older people in using technology,’ that’s the basic goal of Project A.V.A., a virtual assistant for the elderly created by MMG developer Jason Jimenez and product designer David Lopez-Ventura. With this in mind, they participated in the HackForGood 2019, an interuniversity meeting that sought answers to social challenges.

The Project A.V.A. is a voice assistant designed for dependent people, specifically, the elderly. The tool is based on chatbot technology, Natural Language Comprehension (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It allows the user to be guided in the use of technology, run errands, schedule excursions or play games that encourage physical activity (gambling).

Therefore, the main beneficiaries of Project A.V.A. are the elderly who use it. In addition, family members can use it to check the activity of the person in their care. On the other hand, the businesses to which the elderly can order errands can benefit. Finally, geriatric institutions or hospitals can use the assistant to improve patient care.

Advantages of Project A.V.A.

According to the creators of the assistant, this has multiple applications, which can be adapted to each public. It is also an incentive for the local economy by creating a fixed and constant clientele. All of this fits into the social challenges posed in the framework of HackForGood by organizations, foundations, institutions or universities to build a better world.

HackForGood is an interuniversity meeting held simultaneously in several Spanish cities. The event is promoted by Telefónica, through its network of chairs. It has the support of the Hazloposible Foundation, the Telefónica Foundation, MashmeTV and 16 different universities throughout Spain. EFIC and OpenWebinars also collaborate. This year marked its seventh edition.