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Oleg Vorontsov Presents MMG’s Technology In Singapore

Oleg Vorontsov, CEO of MMG (MedLab Media Group), presented the technology developed by the company at the 3rd Annual Digital Healthcare in Singapore. MMG is a Spanish start-up that develops technological solutions for healthcare professionals. MMG’s aims to face new challenges in the healthcare sector through technological development. Oleg Vorontsov has analyzed in his paper, titled “Disruptive Technologies in Healthcare, the use of Artificial Intelligence, among others.”

Oleg Vorontsov believes that technology can bring healthcare closer to the homes of patients. In fact, remote care reduces the risk of all-cause mortality and hospitalizations by 12%.

Encrypted And Secure Communication

“Thanks to technology we can break down cultural and psychological barriers,” the CEO of MMG emphasized. In this context, he highlighted the value of MedsBla, the communication and knowledge sharing platform developed by MMG. He underlined that it enables secure communication between healthcare professionals, patients and medical students. It also offers the possibility of creating private communication channels for institutions, hospitals and clinics. “It is an encrypted environment that follows the GDPR and HIPAA regulations,” added Oleg Vorontsov. In addition, it has tools such as a pharmacological guide, a 3D Anatomy service and an exhibitor with the latest medical innovations, among others.

The other technologies in which MMG operates, are chatbots. Oleg Vorontsov considers that they can become a useful communication channel for patients. The model developed by MMG is based on the use of axons and linguistic fingerprint. This will favour a better understanding of the message and will adapt the response to the user’s query, he explained.

Semantic Search Engine Powered By AI

A huge amount of information and health data is yet another hurdle facing healthcare professionals. “Our goal,” explained Oleg Vorontsov, “is to extract only the relevant knowledge. To achieve this, MMG has developed a semantic search engine, DeepAIMed, capable of extracting relevant information, summarising it and making a comparative analysis. “Artificial intelligence empowers this search engine”, he added. “A Primary Care physician needs 87% of his time to be up to date,” he says.

The CEO of MMG has also presented ID Doct, “a bridge for communication between doctors and institutions”. Oleg Vorontsov pointed out that ID Doct provides a secure environment for physician identification. In this application, institutions can conduct surveys and send notifications. From ID Doct users can report statistics and access MedsBla tools.

Objective: To Reduce Costs

According to the CEO of MMG, population ageing is another international challenge. In 2018, 14% of Singapore’s population was over 65. This percentage will grow to 23% by 2030, Oleg Vorontsov emphasised. This trend is also observed in other countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The ageing population has associated costs in healthcare. According to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the population over 50 represents 56% of spending in the United States. These costs increase as the population ages due to the prevalence of certain pathologies. The CEO of MMG has observed that diseases such as hypertension, arthritis or osteoporosis increase after the age of 55. For the CEO of MMG, all these challenges can be met with technology and the efficient exploitation of data, which will also help to reduce costs.