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Nodalblock And MMG Will Create A Joint Blockchain Network

After several months of talks, Nodalblock’s CTO has visited the offices of MedLab Media Group (MMG). There, Ariano Hernandez signed the joint creation of a Blockchain based semi-public network. Nodalblock is a logical security and information certification company. The company provided blockchain technology to all MMG IT products. Nodalblock made this new security will be available to its users in September 2018. This date coincided with the release of Nodalblock to the Canadian stock exchange.

“Blockchain will certify and record at all times who is the sender and receiver of each message, as well as its content. In this way, users are fully protected,” explains Alberto Cueto, Head of Business Development. “The products that will benefit most from this technology will be the prescription module and the ID Doct, the digital ID card. However, the collaboration will not be limited to that,” he adds, “Blockchain will be a layer that is available under all our products.”

As Ariano Hernandez, CTO of Nodalblock, explains, “Blockchain allows you to issue certificates of authenticity for digital files. The objective is to guarantee its legitimacy and traceability in any process”. Nodalblock’s certificate provides proof of content and proof of existence, as well as the seal of time and place where the information is secured”, explains Hernandez. This is, “another step towards being at the forefront of the future of medicine”, according to Oleg Vorontsov, CEO of MMG.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain groups the information into blocks which, in turn, are arranged in an articulated chain structure. Each block or set of data has meta-information relative to previous blocks. The information contained in a block can only be modified by altering all the blocks using asymmetric cryptography techniques. This system makes it possible to transmit and store data securely.

In a private chain, this exchange of information would be limited to a predetermined list of users. In a public Blockchain, there would be no restrictions on transactions or reading the data, even in encrypted form. The network operated jointly by MMG and Nodalblock will be at an intermediate point between the two classifications.