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Aguilar: “MMG is a very welcoming and hospitable company”


Victoria Aguilar studied Physics at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). There, she decided to study a master’s degree in Theoretical Physics. After one year of study, within the master’s itself, she decides to specialize in Quantum Computing, one of the reasons why she disembarks in MMG. However, before joining MMG, Victoria Aguilar worked for a few months at Accenture. Within Accenture she researched quantum computing and “I was exploring algorithms with adiabatic quantum computers. I also did artificial intelligence projects.” In short, she has always moved in this field.

Her time at Accenture made her realize that she wanted to dedicate herself to the world of business and, specifically, to artificial intelligence projects. She assures that artificial intelligence has allowed her to see “how a project progress, the products that are obtained… The world of technology caught my attention and, therefore, I decided to commit myself to it”.

Work on what you like

MMG gave her the opportunity to work on what she likes best: artificial intelligence. Within the Spanish start-up, Victoria belongs to the Artificial Intelligence department, where she holds the position of Quantum Computing Researcher. At first, Aguilar started at MMG researching how quantum computing could help improve artificial intelligence projects. “At least in the future, when there is already a computer that can be used in this field,” she admits. However, from now on, she will start working on post-quantum cryptography projects.

For Victoria, post-quantum cryptography “are protocols or algorithms of cryptography that try to protect the user from possible attacks with quantum computers to your system”. In September she will begin his post-quantum cryptography thesis at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, so, “I will be linked to the company for many years,” she admits. However, Victoria Aguilar points out that she will combine her thesis work with artificial intelligence projects at MMG.

Finally, what Victoria would highlight about MMG are the employees and the environment that exists within the company. It is a “very welcoming and hospitable” company. Victoria not only likes the job, but “I also have a good time here”. For this reason, the good atmosphere that governs her team and the people who make it are the most outstanding points for her.