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MMG technology enters Latin America

MedLab Media Group’s (MMG) technology was presented in October 2018 in several of the Latin American countries. Arni Giraldo, MMG Development Director, and Omar Larios, COO of MMG, were in charge of presenting it. The intention was to help the collective to improve daily decision making.

The trip began on October 7 in Argentina and ended on October 18 in Bolivia. MMG’s technology will be presented to medical organizations in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica and Bolivia. The objective was to reveal the digital platform, MedsBla developed by MMG for registered physicians. In this way, they intend to build together a virtual community that will serve as a communication tool between all physicians and organizations of CONFEMEL.

It is unique worldwide

As MMG points out, this platform is unique worldwide. It provides physicians and medical students with digital tools to contribute to decision making in clinical practice. MMG technology is integrated into a single web/app environment. It offers functionalities such as encrypted messaging, 250 medical calculators, a search engine for the medical-scientific community that is powered on AI, and a digital ID. In addition, it gives access to the compilation of the latest news from each medical speciality. MMG technology also provides a prescription assistance module.

MMG’s technology aims to pave the way for the democratization of medicine. To this end, it provides access to a large part of the scientific literature. It also promotes the exchange of experience and knowledge. In order to access these tools, it is only necessary to be accredited as a doctor and have access to the Internet.

After the experiences with the medical colleges in Mexico and Bolivia, with which MMG signed collaboration agreements in 2018, the start-up returns to Latin America to continue its cooperation with organizations and medical-scientific institutions of these countries. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the figure of registered physicians and positively transform the healthcare sector through the use of technologies.