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MMG strives to improve the technological link with CONFEMEL

MMG (MedLab Media Group) advances to strengthen the technological link with CONFEMEL. This will be possible through the deployment of the tools from the Spanish start-up. Luis Sanabria, the technological advisor in the Latin American Medical Confederation, visited MMG to first hand understand their solutions. As it indicates, the collaboration between the start-up and CONFEMEL will serve to promote the flow of information in this organisation.

This cooperation was framed in the process of institutionalization of the tools that the Spanish start-up has created. With this collaboration, Luis Sanabria becomes the link between CONFEMEL and MMG. His role will be to promote an agile and efficient flow of information. The activity of CONFEMEL and its members will transcend through this agreement. MMG will provide technological advice to the global medical community that is associated with CONFEMEL.

Knowledge sharing

The start-up seeks to promote the efficient use of technology among the Latin American medical community. The purpose is to offer the healthcare community with technological solutions that promote the exchange of information and thus favours a better clinical practice. One of the technological solutions that have aroused great interest among Latin American physicians is ID Doct, a digital ID offered by MMG in MedsBla, their encrypted medical communication ecosystem.

MMG continues its international expansion with this new project. Thanks to the collaboration with CONFEMEL, MMG’s solutions will be made available to the entire Latin American medical community. Following agreements with medical schools in Mexico and Bolivia, signed in 2018, the start-up continues to strengthen its presence in Latin America. In addition, medical associations from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Honduras and Costa Rica have already shown their interest. In this context, the challenge is to strengthen the figure of the registered doctor and transform the way the medical community shares data an knowledge.

The technological solutions of the Spanish start-up are intended to facilitate the path towards the democratization of medicine. To this end, it promotes the exchange of experiences and knowledge. It also advocates broadening access to a large part of scientific literature.