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MMG Solutions Boost Reach Pre-Meds In Mexico

MMG (MedLab Media Group) solutions will be promoted to pre-meds in Mexico. The start-up has signed an agreement with the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAGRO) thanks to its collaboration with the Medical Colege of Mexico. The aim of this agreement is to make the tools of the Spanish start-up available to pre-med students. This way, MMG and the Medical Colege of Mexico intend to consolidate their presence in the academic field.

As stipulated in this agreement, it will allow pre-meds access to MedsBla and all its tools. MedsBla is the encrypted communication system created by the Spanish start-up. This tool offers a secure communication system for all healthcare professionals. The pre-meds will be able to make academic and scientific research with the help of MedsBla.

Professional support tools

With this agreement, the solutions of MMG are made available to the pre-med students. Presmeds will have free access to MedsBla for the duration of the agreement. Access to the MMG platform will provide them with professional medical tools. These include the encrypted communication system, the latest news from each speciality, or a group and individual video call service

On the other hand, they will be able to subscribe to online training courses. In some cases, there will be an additional cost that would be communicated to the user. UAGRO, for its part, is committed to promoting this platform through its network of institutions. Together with the Medical College of Mexico, MMG will create working groups for the improvement of this platform. The objective is to offer the user a beneficial environment. This agreement will allow MMG and the Medical College of Mexico to participate in the official events of the UAGRO. The collaboration agreement is valid for one year and could be extended.