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MMG Presents At The World Congress Of Jurists

Daniel Romano, Data Protection Officer at MedLab Media Group, attended the bi-annual meeting of the World Congress of Jurists on 20 February.  The event was attended by leading figures from the world of law and politics. Among them were the former Attorney General, Eduardo Torres-Dulce; the Vice President of the Constitutional Court, Encarnación Roca; and the former President of the Government, Felipe González.

2000 participants and about 60 speakers from all continents attended the Congress. The participants were distributed around the 7 working tables in different halls of the Teatro Real in Madrid, Spain.

During the day, Daniel Romano had the opportunity to talk about the means of adaptation and awareness of data protection at MMG. All of this within the framework of ISO 27000. Romano, who is in charge of data protection of MMG explained the ISO process in the company. “We take awareness as something very important because we think that a good environment fosters a positive attitude,” says Romano.

They were also worried if it would be feasible for them to adapt them to a third party for data protection. Or if there was any possibility of adapting this language to others commonly understood. Romano recalls, “the problem of law isn’t that it’s not applied but that it isn’t understood.”