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MMG Bids Farewell To Its Beacon Fellowship Recipients

In July 2018, MedLab Media Group (MMG) welcomed 18 American students. All were part of the Beacon Fellowship’s International Business Education program. The scholars’ stay has come to an end, just over 4 weeks. Before returning to the United States, they presented their business research papers to the company’s directors. “We are a global company, so we also need a global vision. That means exchanging knowledge and experiences with other cultures,” says Omar Larios, COO of MMG. “The critical and refreshing vision of these youngsters has been a great reflection for all of us,” says Larios.

The majority of the scholarship holders are students of Business Administration and Management and come from outstanding institutions such as John Hopkins University, the universities of Harding and Augsburg or the Zicklin School of Business. “Beacon Fellowship has sent us the top students,” corroborates Larios. The students have proven to be “very capable and competitive for their age.” The Spanish start-up is evaluating future collaborations with the most outstanding students. They will also participate in new Beacon Fellowship promotions.


During their stay, the scholarship holders have produced almost thirty reports. They have worked under the supervision of MMG’s Marketing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) teams. “They provided a global vision of technology and health market, to know where we are, and where we want to go,” summarizes Larios. The business intelligence team has obtained relevant data for the company. This data is inclusive of the identification of direct competitors and potential partners. Other scholarship holders “have investigated, by area, the market size projections of the different technologies in which MedLab Media Group is present, from e-health and Artificial Intelligence to NLP (Natural Language Processing), Machine Learning or Blockchain“.

The fellows have addressed global trends in digital marketing tools and expansion opportunities represented by influencers. They have also researched the usefulness of global Adwords campaigns. On the other hand, in the AI department, these scholars have completed market research on AI search engines. They have also developed the prototype of a chatbot. “It has been a privilege to have such an enthusiastic team working with us over the past month,” said Minnu Ashokkumar, senior Product Owner of DeepAIMed.

“We have had the opportunity to learn and evolve together,” affirms Ashokkumar. “As a team, we believe in the incredible. With hard work and dedication, we have achieved a remarkable result for DeepAIMed. After the project presentations, MMG CEO, Oleg Vorontsov presented the diplomas. “I am sure that these students are prepared to face the challenges that await them on their return to the United States,” Vorontsov praises. “The only real hurdle in any journey, and in life, is here,” he says, pointing to the head, “in the mind and the knowledge acquired.”