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MedsBla Tools Strengthen The Cooperation In Lima

MedsBla’s tools will strengthen medical cooperation in Lima. This is the objective of the agreement signed between MMG (MedLab Media Group) and the Regional Council III of Lima. The agreement will set in motion a strategic alliance for the promotion and development of the MedsBla platform. At the same time, it will serve as a means to strengthen the membership within the medical community of Lima. This agreement has been signed with the Dean of the Regional Council III, Lima, Dr Raúl Urquizo (picture above).

As per the agreement, registered doctors will have free access to MedsBla’s tools. This includes an encrypted communication system, individual and group videoconferences, a pharmacological guide and a complete 3D anatomy software. In addition, the doctors registered in Lima will be able to access online training courses that, in some cases, will have an additional cost.

Teamwork and effective cooperation

According to the agreement, both institutions commit themselves to make MedsBla a useful and comfortable environment for its users. This will also launch a relationship of collaboration and advice on technologies and information systems. In this sense, the Regional Council III of Lima and MMG will explore synergies to strengthen membership through the use of technologies.

Teamwork and effective cooperation will govern this agreement, which is initially valid for a year. With this cooperative relationship, the presence of MMG in the official events of the Regional Council III of Lima will be facilitated. The aim is to achieve institutional recognition and positioning of MMG as a technological partner.

MMG wants to offer physicians technological solutions that promote the exchange of information and favours a better clinical practice. MMG’s challenge is to strengthen the figure of the registered physicians and transform the medical sector through technology.