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Medsbla Arrives At The International Medical Sector

MedLab Media Group in Arab Health.

MedsBla‘s visit to the Arab Health fair this week has been a great success. The event brings together exhibitors from 70 different countries in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Among them is MedLab Media Group (MMG), responsible for the development of MedsBla and other technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). MMG is attracting the attention of multiple organizations, both public and private.

Such organization is Advances AI LLC, a company represented by Dr Fatmah Baothman, the first woman to obtain a doctorate in AI from the Arab countries. Oleg Vorontsov, CEO of MMG, signed a Memorandum of Understanding this Tuesday with this professor from King Abdulaziz University for both entities to work hand in hand. The idea is to create a joint laboratory for AI in Saudi Arabia to create products based on natural language processing.

Exponential Growth

MMG has its own stand at Arab Health. This is the second health fair in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in which MMG participates. The company took part in the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) in September 2018. At that time, MedsBla was launched. A few months later, the platform reached 100,000 registered users.

Specifically, in the MENA area, the monthly growth is 120%. This is a reflection of the interest that MedsBla, an encrypted communication system for the healthcare sector, is generating. Anyone can download the application for free and use it to share sensitive data. In fact, the tool complies with U.S. (HIPAA) and European (GDPR) data protection regulations. It also includes Blockchain, a technology that validates the message and the sender.

MedsBla also offers a premium version designed for medical institutions. They can customize their private spaces to adapt them to their reality. In this way, they can manage the enormous amount of information generated by any hospital, clinic or company. This information, ordered and structured, can contain useful data for managers, in turn, reducing costs.


In addition to MedsBla, the Spanish start-up is presenting at Arab Health the different AI projects it is working on. Among them is DeepAIMed, a medical search engine based on its own algorithm. The tool allows professionals to analyse medical texts to offer only relevant and medically accurate information. The ultimate goal is to make it easier for doctors to do their job and aid in decision making.

On the other hand, MMG has an AI dental image analysis project underway. A quantum computing project has also been launched. A multidisciplinary team made up of over 75 people are working in the company’s different headquarters to provide the best of technology to it’s users. Launched at the end of 2015, it has offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Mexico City and Madrid.