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Medlab Media Group Brings AI To The Saudi Medical Sector 

MedLab Media Group participated in the Global Health Exhibition, a technological fair specialized in healthcare, held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in September 2018. MMG presented DeepAIMed, an Artificial Intelligence-based search engine, and its encrypted communication application, MedsBla for the healthcare community. With these tools, MMG, the Spanish start-up wants to strengthen the global healthcare network.

MedLab Media Group’s participation in this event is part of the company’s expansion plan. Specifically, in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This expansion coincides with the development of policies and to try and address the challenges faced by governments in this area. In this context, the integration of advanced technology into health systems has become a priority. MedLab Media Group wants to support the growth of the health sector in the region with its technological solutions.

Intelligent search

MMG also presented DeepAIMed, an intelligent search engine, at the technological fair. For now, it is available in English and Spanish. Other languages, such as French or Arabic, will be included in the future. The tool is developed with proprietary technology based on Artificial Intelligence. It is able to understand databases of medical texts. Based on the theory of graphs and hypergraphs, it also uses Kernel theory and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

DeepAIMed is able to analyze scientific texts to track known concepts and relate to each other. In this way, it can generate new concepts. Thus, it can make inferences, deduce new information, and sort it according to a criterion of relevance. This is possible thanks to the mathematical representation in the form of graphs, and Kernel theory. In addition, it can abstract the language and represent the content through alphanumeric codes, regardless of the language. The SNOMED ontology is used for this.

Encrypted Communication

MMG showcased MedsBla, an innovative, encrypted messaging system. It provides a secure communication environment for physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, medical students and administrators. This environment complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). They are the strictest European and American data protection standards in healthcare today.

MedsBla is available for iOS and Android, offering the user a two-pronged communication system. It provides free access to the global medical community. It also offers private spaces which can be contracted by hospitals, societies, schools, etc. Both environments share the basic characteristics of a messaging system. Additionally, they also offer multiple tools to the users, such as

A pharmacological guide.
Medical calculators.
A 3D anatomy system (BioDigital).
Updated medical news by speciality.
An online congress section.
Official identification

Official Identification

These tools are also available to ID Doct users. This MMG product is an application that allows the physicians to identify themselves telematically. It also allows quick and direct access to all services offered by administrations. In essence, it is a digital ID. It allows registered doctors to always have a validated official ID with them without having to carry a physical card. In the same way, you can store in your account any documentation you wish and maintain direct communication with the administrations.

“The goal of MedLab Media Group is to provide the entire medical community with equal opportunities,” says the company’s CEO, Oleg Vorontsov.

According to the MMG’s representative, the idea is to provide immediate access to information for all healthcare professionals, regardless of the location or financial situations. “MedLab Media Group has the ambition to become a global reference in electronic health, supported by Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, and encrypted communication systems,” adds the CEO.

MedLab Media Group was launched at the end of 2015. Its mission is to provide the doctor of the future with tools that facilitate daily clinical practice and decision making. With over 60 employees, the company is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. It also has offices in Dubai (UAE), Mumbai (India) and Mexico City (Mexico). It also has the institutional support of CONFEMEL (Confederación Médica Latinoamericana y del Caribe). Additionally, MMG works with public and private organizations, such as the Rey Juan Carlos University, the Medical College of Mexico or NodalBlock.