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Life at MMG

We truly value and believe in our employees


AI & Research

We are a group of mathematicians, linguists and data scientist working on disruptive technology. Our job focus is innovation. We work on researching and prototyping artificial intelligence tools for the company.


We are Backend, Frontend iOS and Android experts converting innovation into applied technology, as we are in charge of the development of applications. In our department we also have a systems manager and a team in charge of obtaining the ISO 27001 standard, which is essential for our business to ensure the safety of customers.


Our department´s goal is to align the global business strategy, set priorities and define objectives. We work on competitive analysis, establishing alliances and defining business models.


We are graphic and UX designers. Our job is making the app and websites intuitive and easy to use from creativity and innovation perspectives. We also work on creating promotional campaigns for our artificial intelligence solutions.


Our department's task is to showcase the value of our artificial intelligence technology. We work on all the promotional activities of the business, as well as coordination and management of institutional relations.

Administration and finance

We supervise financial management and legal documentation of the business. Our job also entails the responsibilities for travel management, purchase of office supplies and administrative formalities.