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Ignacio San Román: “MMG is an absolute challenge for me”.

Interview Ignacio San Román.

Ignacio San Román is responsible for the Artificial Intelligence Department of MMG. Two years ago, he became part of this technological start-up and started the development of algorithms that would bring something new to the health sector. This Telecommunications Engineer, Master in Artificial Vision, Robotics and Automation, supervises NLP, NLU and NLG projects (processing, understanding and generation of natural language). In addition, the department now focuses on medical imaging, something very close to his training that keeps him excited.

Before starting his career in this company, San Román was dedicated to research. Data science or the implementation of artificial vision algorithms for autonomous vehicles were some of his fields of action. But one day, tired of researching, he decided to try his luck with emerging companies attracted by the search for new challenges.

Motivated by the challenge

When he was working for the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, a person in charge of MMG contacted him by Linkedin attracted by his profile. He was told that his career was very much in line with the company’s needs and was told what DeepAIMed would look like in the future.

“They told me that they wanted to make an intelligent search engine for doctors with a supernovative technology based on hypergraphs and I loved the idea.

For him, hypergraphs were something unknown that, motivated by new challenges, he agreed to face without hesitation. “The project caught my attention, it looked very good, it was an absolute challenge. I was attracted to being part of a start-up because it’s a very flexible environment where you learn a lot,” explained San Román.

Although his initial objective has already been achieved (to set the semantic search engine in motion), the new challenges are there and he faces them with the same enthusiasm. Now, the focus is on Dentomo (dental image processing), MMG’s latest product. From his profession he likes the constant changes and the learning that implies. “New things always come up,” said San Román.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

For him, artificial intelligence is very important in Medicine, and in the health sector in general, because it is a help for the specialist. San Román firmly believes that now it is beginning to be an aid to diagnosis and treatment that will be essential in the not too distant future.

“We have detected that doctors have a big problem: they need access to a large amount of information. Every day they need access to clinical guides, protocols, drug information or other documents very quickly. From my department, we try to solve all these problems.