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Hipocrates University incorporates MMG´s technology

MMG technology available for Hipocrates University.

MMG technology will be at the service of students and professors of the Hipocrates University of Mexico. The academic center has signed an agreement with the Colegio Médico de México (CMM) through which it will have access to MedsBla and its tools. As indicated in this agreement, signed on June 27th, MMC and Hippocrates University will promote joint training actions.

They will also promote the professionalization and updating of physicians through the use of MMG technology. Specifically, teachers and students will have at their disposal MedsBla, the communication and information platform developed by MMG. This technology will be available to professors and students of the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery of the Hipocrates University.

MedsBla will facilitate the development of training and updating activities by both institutions. To access this tool, professionals must be affiliated to one of the state colleges that are part of the CMM. It will also promote access to medical knowledge and encourage the exchange of experiences between professors and students.

This agreement also stipulates that Hipocrates University contributes to the improvement of the technological tools offered by CMM. The aim is to adapt these technologies to the specific needs of the academic environment. The university will also promote this platform through its network of institutions. The aim is to offer the user a useful environment. This agreement will allow MMG and the Colegio Médico de México to participate in the official events of the Hipocrates. The collaboration agreement is valid for 3 years.