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eMediNexus and MMG Team Up to Improve Healthcare Industry

eMediNexus and MMG (MedLab Media Group) are committed to working together to improve the healthcare industry in India and Latin America. The Spanish start-up has just signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Dr Nilesh Agarwal, CEO and co-founder of eMediNexus, an Indian company dedicated to continuing medical education and news production. 

In this way, both companies show their common interest in promoting improvements in the field of health in India and Latin America. Markets in which MMG is already present through its offices in Mumbai and Mexico City. The agreement, which has a duration of 2 years, is the starting point for a collaboration that will be finalized in the coming weeks. 

Through this MoU, MMG is committed to supporting the Indian company in Latin America. Also, eMediNexus will promote the products of the start-up in India. This includes the private spaces of the MedsBla platform and the semantic search engine based on Artificial Intelligence created by the Spanish company based on its own algorithm.

Medical update

As it explains on its website, eMedinexus is a platform that responds to the need of doctors to update. “The huge deficit of doctors with respect to the population in India, means they see, on average, 10 times more patients than their Western counterparts. With the rapid pace of the evolution of medicine, it is imperative that they stay up to date,” they say.

Along the same lines, MedsBla offers its users updated information on the different medical specialities, as well as a pharmacological guide, medical calculators, a 3D anatomy software, and a semantic search engine that seeks to help in decision making. In addition, it offers a unique secure communication system that allows individual and group conversations along with videoconferences.