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Elena Figueira: “I entered MMG to manage data”

She is in charge of obtaining data and adapting it to the format the tool needs used in DeepAIMed.

Elena Figueira is an engineer dedicated to the analysis of data in MMG. She studied Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and she specialized in Electronics and Automation, who says she chose this career because “I always had a more technical profile”.

During the last few years of her career, she started her first job at SENER. This company allowed her to carry out her final degree project, for which “she had to create a test bench to test electronic missile cards”.

Subsequently, she began working at IXION with drones where she met his colleague Íñigo Galdeano, who encouraged her to take a master in Artificial Vision at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. This opened the doors for her to change departments and start working in at Artificial Vision IXION.

Once the master was finished, Elena decided to look for another job and started working at Techonrails, in Tres Cantos. In this company, she was dedicated to carrying out tests of railway signalling systems, where she used different types of signalling systems. While she was at this company, she started a Master in Data Scientist. After working for a while in this company, Elena felt the need for a change and thanks to Ignacio San Román she started working in MMG.

DeepAIMed project

“I went in to manage data and that’s what I’m still doing, because in the end if you’re in a medical environment, you need medical data that we enter in a search engine”. This is Elena’s main job at MMG within the Artificial Intelligence department.

Currently, she´s working on a project called DeepAIMed. She is in charge of obtaining data, adapt them to the JSON format and process them in the application. The aim of this project is to facilitate the search for medical information.

Finally, what Elena would highlight about MMG is the colleagues, since “we have a good group and a good work dynamic”. Besides, she assures that they have “a lot of freedom to organize us and to decide the way we do the work”.