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DeepAIMed, The Search Engine For Doctors

DeepAIMed is the solution to the dilemma of physicians, medical students and MIR students globally. DeepAIMed allows access to accurate and reliable information related to medical terms. It is a search engine based on Artificial Intelligence developed by the Spanish technological start-up, MedLab Media Group.

In principle, DeepAIMed is like any other search engine. The user can search for the terms they want and DeepAIMed will provide them with a series of results. However, it is the technology behind DeepAIMed that makes all the difference. The search engine uses Graph Theory and Hypergraphs to analyze scientific texts in depth. It also uses Kernel theory and Natural Language Processing (NLP). In essence, it tracks concepts and relates them to each other, in order to achieve a high degree of comprehension, of the texts displayed as the end results.

Relevant Results

Comprehensive understanding of medical texts allows DeepAIMed to show relevant results to its users. It provides the doctor, specialist or student with useful information related to their interests. In short, the aim is to offer results that can be used to resolve doubts, broaden knowledge or update oneself. In order to guarantee its objective, the search engine feeds on:

More than 11,000 medical news of different specialities.
More than 18,000 references to medicines extracted from pharmacological guides.
List of more than 21,098 active ingredients.
More than 1,800,000 scientific research articles.
7,937 technical data sheets.
More than 70,000 dictionary entries.
1,510 laboratories’ data.
More than 200 medical calculators.
More than 2,400 clinical guides and protocols.

In fact, DeepAIMed continuously incorporates new sources. In addition, the multidisciplinary team in charge of its development works every day to improve the algorithm on which it is based. DeepAIMed has been designed by MedLab Media Group to try and resemble the way in which humans store and process information. DeepAIMed, for this purpose, makes use of different theories and ontologies, one of which is SNOMED. The latter is the most accurate terminology, a codified and multilingual product, existing in the entire world right now.

According to Oleg Vorontsov, CEO of the company, DeepAIMed is unique. The reason behind that is, unlike the general search engines that exist today, it is designed exclusively for the healthcare community. It could help healthcare professionals to broaden their knowledge, sometimes even aid in clinical decision making. “Soon, access to scientific knowledge will undergo a profound change,” Oleg says. “Big data will soon change the way healthcare professionals work and artificial intelligence will be the method of consultation,” he concludes.