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David González: “MMG allows us disruption in AI”

David González.

David González is a Data Scientist & Big Data Engineer in the Artificial Intelligence Department of MMG. For this graduate in Statistical Sciences and Techniques, the possibility of disruption in artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most valued aspects of MMG. In addition, he acknowledges that working on own products in a good working environment are 2 points to emphasize of the technological start-up.

David González entered the world of statistics after 3 years of the Mathematics Degree. Intelligent systems came into his life through a master’s degree in SoftComputing and Intelligent Systems that he did in Granada. He has in mind to finish a PhD in Mathematics, but he assures that the lack of time only allows him to work on this project intermittently. The axis of this project is to develop a new paradigm within evolutionary algorithms on multi-objective problems, as he explains.

In MMG his “role” is between Big Data Engineer and Data Scientist. As he points out, its mission is to help develop, maintain, test and evaluate Big Data solutions. Among his working tools are the ones related with distributed computing (Apache Spark). With them, David González uses data structures to improve the performance of the algorithms. Another of his co-workers is Neo4j, a graph-based technology. With it he tries to create graphs of knowledge.

Until he came to MMG, David had not worked in an artificial intelligence team. As he points out: “I have worked with multidisciplinary groups with people from business, marketing, economics, IT, among other sectors”.

This is his first experience with so many Data Scientist in the same area, “and it shows”. This makes the rhythm different and the members of the team give feedback, accelerating the incubation of ideas.

From private teacher to big data

Having done a few MOOCs around Big Data, David believes that in this world you always have to be an eternal junior. “So you don’t get off the wave”, he adds. His career began early. At 20. He had to pay for his studies and wanted to become independent. At the same time that he got his doctorate, he gave private classes in statistics to university students. He also got a 700 euro scholarship. However, it was not enough. After a year and a half, he realized that he couldn’t afford the expenses, but luckily, a job offer knocked on his door. It was then that he started working for an online marketing company, as the leader of the Business Intelligence department.

For David those two and a half years were very hard. The company had a turnover of a million dollars a day and that was a lot of trouble. The work absorbed a good part of his time and he admits that he hardly slept. In the middle of this vortex he decided to “jump the puddle” and settled in the capital to work in a Big Data consulting firm. His work within this company focused mainly on ETL (Extract, Transformation and Loaded) processes. She also did some punctual analytics to give more value to PoC (Proof of Concept) and pre-sales. After this experience, the time had come to seek for other goals and so he arrived at MMG.

Always close to the patient

Big Data can be applied where there is data and medicine is no less. According to David, moving information from IoT services (Internet of Things) in real time is very interesting. This makes it possible to react more efficiently. IoT boosts Big Data Analytics and helps automate decisions that were previously resolved with many KPIs and looking at the screen a lot, he explains.

Social Analytics should be placed around the patient, according to David, since the patient is the one who can generate the most data through mobile devices. The potential of Big Data in Medicine is already palpable in genetics. David Gonzalez believes that in this field of research he has accelerated the sequencing of the genome over massive data sets. In his opinion, combining Big Data and Medicine can lead to impressive projects. Specifically, he recalls a project in which an attempt was made to reproduce the behaviour of a medicine once it was administered in the organism. “This has spectacular potential”, he adds.

Ongoing training is part of David Gonzalez’s day-to-day work. He tries to keep up to date with everything related to Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, whenever he can, he shares this knowledge with his colleagues. In the midst of all this reading, he also finds a space in the week to test the technologies or logics that could help the company in the future.

He is currently taking an online course to obtain Big Data certification from AWS. Your goals don’t end here. He is also studying for Apache Spark certification. “My classmates know I’m a Databricks fan”, he jokes.

If I had to change something at MMG, David Gonzalez would bet on integrating the whole team into one office. He thinks it’s complicated for this to happen now, but he hopes that someday it will come. On the other hand, he believes that releasing code in GitHub would help give more visibility to the company’s activity.