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CERN Bets On MMG Talent

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, has bet on the talent of MMG. Javier García, the developer of the Artificial Intelligence and Research Department of the Spanish start-up, has won a grant from the prestigious centre. Specifically, it is to participate in the CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme. This will allow him to get to know the latest software and hardware technologies first hand.  

For 9 weeks, the young developer will work on a CERN project on Big Data. In addition, he will attend a series of lectures prepared for the participants by experts at CERN. He can also visit the famous particle accelerators of the centre, as well as their laboratories and those of other institutions and companies.

“CERN is a place where the profound challenges of ICT are in abundance,” it is said at CERN.

Javier García is part of the prototyping team of the MMG Artificial Intelligence and Research Department. He combines his work at MMG with his studies of Software Engineering at the University Center of Technology and Digital Art U-Tad. He will remain in the program between June 17 and August 16. On his return, he will apply the knowledge acquired to the technology developed by MMG.

CERN Openlab

CERN Openlab is a structure designed to create knowledge through research, development and technology evaluation. This knowledge is disseminated through articles, workshops and seminars, among other channels. Its programs include lectures and internships. These allow participants to experiment with the latest solutions in Information and Communication Technologies.

This summer program at CERN is aimed at students of computer science, mathematics, engineering or physics who have completed at least 3 years of university education. “CERN is the cradle of the World Wide Web. The laboratory houses innovative experiments and is at the heart of the World LHC Computer Network (WLCG). It’s an environment like none other,” boasts the centre of CERN, located in Switzerland.