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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence for knowledge management


80% of your business data exist in text format and less than 1% of it are used for making professional decisions


of your

business data

are unstructured (Van der Linden, P., 2018)



unstructured data

analyzed for professional decisions (DalleMulle L. & Davenport T, 2017)

Semantic artificial
intelligence reads once, understands and answers.


Extract knowledge

Connect knowledge

Quantify knowledge

Natural language understanding

Our Semantic artificial intelligence technology manages relationships and concepts using NLU instead of words, for a true understanding of documents.

Linguistic fingerprint

Based on Forensic Linguistic principles, our unique approach can characterize personal writings by HOW the person writes, WHAT the person talks about and the SENTIMENT involved.

Automatic Domain Ontology

For a deeper understanding of the text, we use Ontologies that describe concepts and domain relationships. Our Axones technology can build your ontology from scratch, based on your sector, department and the particularities of your business. Using the data contained in formal dictionaries and example documents, Axones understands the concepts and their hierarchical and horizontal relationships.


We perform disambiguation with our exclusive Semantic artificial intelligence technology. Our results demonstrate that concept’s context and relationships can be used for a high-performance disambiguation.

Knowledge graph

Our data analysis technology uses mathematical graphs to manage Ontologies. The artificial intelligence then structures the underlying content of documents and their relationships for more efficient knowledge management.

Semantic search

Our Semantic artificial intelligence technology allows us to develop semantic based search engines, which understand user queries, match them with documents and present ranked results for better business management.

Ontology reinforcement and enrichment

We apply Machine Learning to capture knowledge from documents and enrich the used Ontologies. At the same time, documents knowledge management reinforces the connections between the concepts represented in the Ontology.

Automatic Summary

Our Semantic artificial intelligence returns summaries of documents by understanding and highlighting what is most relevant to capture the whole document’s knowledge. It can summarize a single document or a collection of documents. These summaries can also be conditioned by a user query.

Single answer

Our Semantic AI technology returns the phrase that best answers the user query, demonstrating its high performance even when millions of documents and data points are analysed.

Artificial intelligence use cases

use case

Clinical support:

Find the answer to a doctor’s query from vast amounts of data and millions of databases.

Legal Research:

Find relationships between claims, jurisprudence and laws. Smart presentation of results for a new era of knowledge management

Expert reports summary:

Apply business intelligence to your company. Surf the data of all the records and summaries of your business to infer tendencies and find drawbacks.

Brand Monitoring:

All of the data moving on social networks leave a linguistic fingerprint trace. Artificial intelligence characterizes styles, subjects and sentiments for a true understanding of the feelings about your brand.

New Chatbot era:

Chatbot can analyse customer Linguistic Fingerprint, infer background and domain knowledge, and language style. This data analysis enables it to adapt final answers to customer’s needs.

Fraud Detection:

Find websites that provide fraudulent medical information. Under the Public RETOS program; Swarm Agent-Based Environment For Reputation in MEDicine project.