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AI Whitepapers

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Download our whitepapers and find out about the scope of Artificial Intelligence applied to knowledge management.

Healthcare Knowledge Graph

This Whitepaper shows how to apply Semantic Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare sector for a true Predictive Medicine. It shows how our technology builds up the patient’s Extended Clinical Record: a knowledge graph that integrates hospital data in a unique representation around patients. Thanks to this approach, our Semantic Artificial Intelligence finds new medical patterns not available before, such as patient’s disease evolution or drug-disease relationships, opening the door to a new generation of Predictive Medicine and Personalized Clinical Assistance.

Lighting the Knowledge of your business

This Whitepaper gives an overview of the challenges related to business knowledge management and how Semantic Artificial Intelligence can help us. It explains new generation of NLP approaches that use Linguistic and Mathematic sciences to boost Machine Learning results. Finally, it shows several interesting business case studies where these advances are applied to exploit large sets of documents.