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Adrián Alonso: “I’m married to MMG”

Adrián Alonso es empleado de MMG.

Adrián Alonso studied Telecommunications Engineering. After finishing his degree, he worked for 2 years as a researcher in several projects at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC). In addition, he also held the position of systems administrator in the educational centre itself, a function that he combined with his research work. Likewise, during this professional stage, Adrian developed new forms of data visualization in an interactive way, through virtual reality and the design of 3D graphics.

Later, he studied the Master in Data Science. He was working in a company, where he acknowledged that he was promised that he would dedicate himself to what he had studied, however, he held the position of consultant and full stack developer, a position he held for 6 months until he decided to leave. From that moment on, MMG gave him the opportunity to work as a data scientist.

In fact, our protagonist this week describes data science as “a branch of artificial intelligence. In his opinion, it consists of “applying artificial intelligence techniques to large masses of data to do pattern recognition. It also “allows inferences to be drawn which, at first sight, by observing the data and applying classical statistical techniques, cannot be seen”.

On the other hand, last October, he began the Master in Decision Systems Engineering, aimed at applying mathematical techniques and statistics when making decisions and choosing research teams. “It’s a bit the work that I do in MMG,” says Alonso. He is also developing a PhD in Information Technology, the first publication of which is scheduled for late June.

Work in MMG

Currently, Adrián Alonso is combining his work at MMG and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He spends 2 days in the company and 3 in the university centre. His work at the University is mainly focused on the development of the thesis, focused on MMG. The idea is that, once the thesis is finished, “he can lead a larger research group”. In this sense, “it’s a little what I’m doing now, but with the doctoral thesis finished”. Therefore, “my job is management and motivation, because I don’t develop, I just give indications,” he says.

At MMG, Adrián Alonso is the technical director of the research team, so he is in charge of everything related to DeepAIMed, that is, all the technology and information retrieval applied to medicine and the domain in general. He is also in charge of Doctor House, a virtual assistant for doctors in which the doctor can ask questions and Doctor House answers them. Also, for the moment, this engineer discards teaching, because “I am married to MMG”. The company finances his doctoral thesis and, therefore, “I am committed to it”. The objective is that “everything I learn in the PhD can be applied in MMG”.