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Evolving from MMG to dezzai

We’re excited to let you know that MMG will be transitioning into dezzai. It’ll be the same core and values, with a fresh new name and a pivot towards new ideas! MMG is our original name, but as we grow and strengthen our identity in business intelligence, we want to make sure that our name truly reflects what we do. This is to support decision-making by combining human and artificial intelligence. In doing so improving knowledge, discovery and business opportunities. Also, at the forefront is maintaining our start-up image with the key AI element in our name. So, we’ve incorporated these reasons to welcome in dezzai. We can’t wait to hear what you think about our new name, and hope you’ll join us on our journey!

Artificial intelligence for better decision making

We research the latest technology to develop global, accessible and transversal artificial intelligence solutions that enhance the creation and exchange of knowledge. Multiple disruptive tools have already emerged from our innovation lab, such as a healthcare communication platform and a semantic search engine powered by artificial intelligence, as well as some innovative technologies that have applications in enterprises in different sectors.
Our work is aimed at becoming a world technology enterprise leading in artificial intelligence semantic solutions.


Empower institutions & individuals decision making by developing AI-enhanced solutions that improves the creation, access, discovery and exchange of knowledge

Become a global leader
in semantic AI and cognitive computing



Become a world technology
company leading in AI semantic solutions


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